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At RSN Commercials, we offer a variety of second-hand plant machinery and equipment. No matter your industry, selecting the right tools is crucial for project success. Whether you’re a construction novice or seeking guidance on plant machinery for specific projects, RSN Commercials is here to assist you.

Our products can also be purchased on eBay, if we have nothing there please do not hesitate to contact us. If you can’t see what you want but are interested in buying any of our used Plant Equipment please contact us as we may have what you are looking for in stock.

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Plant machinery

Plant machinery is integral to industrial processes. The term “plant” covers a range of machines, equipment, and tools that are important in different fields, including construction. You may have heard the term ‘plant’ substituted for “heavy-duty” or “factory”, but these terms all refer to essential machinery for industrial operations. These machines are used for a variety of purposes:

  • Excavation Machinery: Essential for creating solid foundations that stand the test of time, these machines are vital for underground structures like basements or parking areas.


  • Moving & Unloading Machines: These versatile machines both dig and load debris, improving efficiency a0nd cost-effectiveness by reducing the need for manual labour.


  • Transport Machines: After clearing debris, effective disposal requires vehicles that can navigate both on-site and on roads.


  • Lifting Machines: Unlike moving machines, lifting machinery assists in manoeuvring materials above ground level, making it useful for transporting heavy beams and equipment within larger projects.

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RSN Commercials provides a range of pre-owned plant machinery available for hire or to purchase. Whatever your field, making the correct tool choices is vital for achieving project success. Whether you’re new to construction or require advice on plant machinery, RSN Commercials is ready to support you. Get in touch with Rob on 07825 568505.

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